What is the Peer Consent in Housing Loans?

A spouse consent is a document that indicates that the spouse’s consent is obtained when receiving a loan. Co-consent is required when obtaining loans for mortgaged housing purchases.

If the spouse does not have consent, the loan cannot be taken

If the spouse does not have consent, the loan cannot be taken

Although the spouse does not have any rights over the mortgaged housing, the spouse’s consent agreement which came into force with the new law, which came into force in 2002, comes into effect when the spouse who has the right to mortgage the house for the housing loan. If the person wishes to withdraw the loan without a mortgage, his or her spouse’s consent is not required. However, if there is a mortgage situation, the co-consent agreement will be activated at that point.


Approach of Banks

Approach of Banks


Banks do not risk using mortgaged loans without their co-consent. As mentioned above, this only applies if the house is mortgaged. Otherwise, the person may receive a housing loan and co-consent is not required. In the case of the spouse consent, the eligible spouse has the right to object if he/she receives a housing loan without his / her spouse’s notice and the spouse later finds out. On the other hand, if he consents to the mortgage for a mortgage, he should go to the bank and sign the necessary documents.


Peer Consent in Couples to Divorce


When one of the couples who are in the divorce stage wants to take out a housing loan in order to buy a new house, the spouse consent is also activated. In the case of couples who have not yet divorced, if a party wishes to buy a house with a housing loan, the goods shall be shared. At the same time, a spouse consent document which is a spouse consent document is requested for such a case. On the other hand, even if the person does not receive a housing loan himself/herself, he/she will be asked for his / her consent if he/she is a guarantor for another person.

It is very important for the married persons who have consensus consent not to contradict the real estate purchase stage and have the consent of both parties and obtain credit.

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